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We’re a ONE stop shop production company that gets business done right for our customers. We provide DJ & Audio/Visual services along with other services

About Lil Saint Productions

​In 2009 Victor aka Lil Saint was given the opportunity to make a few extra dollars so he can eat. He was on his last $60 dollars which he invested in the coffee industry and in 1 month he made 1,200 dollars. He took the money from the coffee business and invested in his own Business. In 2010 Lil Saint Productions Opened, Victor started out by Promoting DJ’s he saw how much fun the Dj’s were having so he tried his hand in it and succeeded and had fun while doing it.  He has DJed Birthday Parties, Weddings, divorce, Holiday Party’s, Summer pool, Comedy Shows, City events (Rialto, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga)
After seeing the success he has had, He wanted to see if he could make it in the music industry he then started producing music himself allowing him to complete his 1st & 2nd album entitled P.U.S.H (Pray until Something Happens) & Victory. He tells his life story in “PUSH & talks about how God helped him be successful in his 2nd album called “Victory”. Lil Saint Productions has been involved with many ventures. Victor has taken the personal trainings from the companies he has been part of and applied them to his very own personal life and was able to accomplished the ability to build L.S.P


 We have been in business for 14 years and because of you our FANS and clients today were going strong. We teach people how to make money with no money, I hope by reading my story it will show you that no matter what stands in your way, can stop you from whatever you want. All you have to do is set your mind to it
Our Mission 

Our goal is to make sure your event is a HUGE success, we want to see our clients with a smile on their Face Before, During and After, your event.  After all you are the Star of your event we just put an accent to it to make you shine. We are a one stop production company with many services to provide you with,

​Sound Engineer
Motivational speaking,

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