Nate Meeker


I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and avid Real Estate investor located in Temecula, CA. My passion is helping clients during life’s greatest financial decisions. Whether it’s saving you money on your taxes, buying your first home, or analyzing the next best real estate investment, I can be at your call every step of the way.

I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Economics and Accounting. After a short period as an Auditor for Ernst & Young in downtown Los Angeles and 6 years as a CPA at a smaller firm in San Diego filing taxes for a wide variety of clients including high-net-worth individuals and small businesses, it dawned on me. Every client had one thing in common – they all owned real estate. This is why I decided to get my real estate license and combine services to offer my clients the expertise real estate transactions deserve – a thorough consideration for every economic possibility.

Not looking to invest in real estate anytime soon? That is completely fine, I work with my clients year after year on their personal and business taxes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your real estate empire be. Together, we can achieve great results over time.

With experience in all annual income tax filings, I can keep you in compliance while advising on tax-saving strategies.


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