Kory and Deanna


It all started when a close friend introduced Kory and Deanna to someone who had achieved exceptional results in getting his sons admitted to prestigious schools like Stanford and Yale. Intrigued by the process, they decided to seek more information and were introduced to a mentor who had made it her mission to help minority students secure spots in their dream schools. Impressed by the mentor’s approach and the incredible outcomes she had achieved, Kory and Deanna became fully committed to learning and implementing this proven methodology.

Using this tried and true process, they worked with their own daughter, who had a solid academic foundation, as arising junior. Following the mentor’s guidance, their daughter’s profile began to improve, and she started receiving acceptance letters from Ivy League universities, such as Cornell and UPenn. The list of acceptances continued, including prestigious institutions like Duke, Notre Dame, RPI, Baylor, Carnegie Mellon, University of Texas, SMU, USC, Vanderbilt, and, of course, her dream school, Stanford. The culmination of their efforts resulted in over $397,000 in scholarship offers from five universities, with an additional $75,000 in scholarships from Stanford, where she ultimately pursued her engineering degree.

The success they achieved as a family team, lovingly referred to as PMJ (Papa, Mama, Jori), sparked the birth of PMJ Coaching. Their transformative experience made them keenly aware of the immense value of mentorship and the importance of following a strategic process. Driven by a desire to pay it forward and help other families facing similar challenges, Kory and Deanna established PMJ Coaching, bringing together their team and resources to empower students to realize their dreams.

At PMJ Coaching, we offer comprehensive guidance tailored to each student’s unique needs and aspirations. Our personalized approach takes into account your academic strengths, extracurricular activities, passions, and personal growth. We will guide you through selecting the right colleges, crafting compelling applications, and preparing for interviews. Our experienced coaches will provide valuable insights and feedback on your essays, ensuring your voice and character shine through. We also offer assistance in exploring scholarship opportunities and navigating the financial aid process to make college education more affordable.

Join the PMJ Coaching family and let us help you achieve your dreams of attending the college of your choice. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the guidance, support, and expertise you need to navigate the college admissions process successfully. Together, we will unlock your full potential and set you on a path to academic and personal success.



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