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I’m a business committed to helping HOA Homeowners and home buyers gain the understanding they need about the HOAs they living or wish to buy into.
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Our Mission

To be a dedicated resource for HOA members and potential homeowners by:

  • Helping HOA members develop a deeper and more confident relationship with their HOAs and its policies by offering and delivering useful tools and services to help.

  • Developing HOA-savvy association members who are in turn, an asset to their community.

  • Equipping potential HOA homebuyers with an understanding of the most relevant policies and financial information on the Homeowners Association they are considering purchasing in.


About the founder
My name is Nadine Buxton and I am a recognized member of the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB™) and an accredited Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®). I have worked with Homeowners Associations throughout the Coachella Valley as an Assistant Manager, Portfolio Community Manager, and General Manager.

My goal is to equip HOA members and potential HOA homebuyers with the information they need to reap all the benefits and to navigate the common challenges of HOA life. My experience proved that an informed homeowner is a happier homeowner and I want to be part of the solution with you.

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