Temecula Valley Business Network

Temecula Valley
Business Network

Attention small business owners! Are you ready to supercharge your business growth? Look no further than the Temecula Valley Business Network (TVBN)

Join TVBN and experience the power of a supportive community that’s passionate about helping local businesses thrive. At TVBN, our mission is simple: to uplift our members’ businesses and make a positive impact on the communities we serve.

By becoming a part of TVBN, you’ll enjoy amazing networking opportunities, forge valuable connections, and have the chance to give back to your community. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to strengthening our bonds and fostering meaningful engagement in the areas we call home.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your business to new heights with TVBN. Discover the difference that a supportive and connected community can make in your success story. Join us today and elevate your business with the Temecula Valley Business Network.

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As members of Temecula Valley Business Pros , we abide by a code of ethics and certain explicit expectations in order to create a supportive and professional networking environment.

Our Membership Code of Ethics are listed here and if you are a current member, or considering joining, please make yourself familiar with these expectations and ask for clarification as needed.

Are you here to sell products to the group?

If you answered yes, you are in the wrong place! It may be true that some members of Temecula Valley Business Pros may be in need of your services. However, your target is more likely the people that we know, our friends, family, co-workers or clients. How do you reach them? By getting to know members 1-1 and growing those professional relationships. When you know someone better, they are more likely to be comfortable and confident putting their reputation in your hands by referring you to their network. Building trust and establishing credibility are key factors to successful networking.

Membership Code of Ethics. Members shall comply with the following:

1. Each Member will commit to punctual attendance at regularly scheduled meetings.
2. Each Member will provide the quality of services at the prices he or she has quoted. 
3. Each Member will be truthful with the Members and their referrals. 
4. Each Member will build goodwill and trust among Members and their referrals.
5. Each Member will take responsibility for following up with the referrals that he or she receives. 
6. Each Member will live up to the ethical standards of their profession.
7. Each Member will display a positive and supportive attitude with the Members of the Group.

Are you wanting to join a supportive, successful, professional networking group in order to build your business as well as the other group members? Yay—you found the right place!